Kegel Exercises After Pregnancy

Kegel Exercises After Pregnancy

We utilise the very capacity to identify which has allowed us to fuse with our lower selves, to remember our higher selves. We remember our mission to Earth as our very own boddhisattvas! We fuse the first and second solar systems in ourselves.

To explain this further I need to draw some analogies activating this Law of Relative Identity. Our challenge is to understand something of the nature of Agni’s operation on the three lower cosmic planes when our experience of Agni is restricted to the cosmic physical, and somewhat limited even on this!

Let us consider the three synthesising planets Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. In a certain way these three planets can be related to the three levels of the Solar Logoic causal body, and synthesise all life in the three lower cosmic planes into the ‘Son’. They relate to the three higher subplanes of the cosmic mental. However when considering the Logoic personality as a whole, we might say that Uranus relates to the whole of the comic mental plane, Neptune to the cosmic astral and Saturn to the cosmic physical. When considering the cosmic physical plane alone we might relate Uranus to the higher three planes, Neptune to the middle three and Saturn to the lower three.

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Figure 15 Three-foldness

Figure 15 illustrates this using three colours to represent the three Aspects of divine expression operating in different parts of manifestation. Synthesis is only possible because it already exists indeed forms the basis for existence and these three are in reality one.

So on the cosmic physical plane we might consider the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth as the representatives of this primary three within the cosmic physical plane.

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