Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga?

Yes, my week is divided into two halves – teaching yoga and working as a teaching assistant in a primary school supporting children with special needs. For me doing something for my community is key. Ultimately I want to help to contribute to the wellbeing of all the people 1 teach.

Do you recommend writing lesson plans?

I do still write lesson plans- they are my security blanket – but that doesn’t mean I stick religiously to them. You have to be prepared to change and modify depending on who comes to your class and what the energy of the class is. I may simply have a theme or peak posture which is a technique I learnt from my British Wheel training. Building up to a peak posture like Dancer’s pose or Camel gives a point of focus to the class, you build up to it, with balances or back bends, and then wind down from there. Of course, part of the skill of any kind of teaching is learning to think on your feet!

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Do you have any advice for new teachers like me?

Have faith in yourself, it is not only about your yoga, it’s about your energy intent and enthusiasm. As with all teaching, it is about looking after people, creating an atmosphere, and igniting the interest of your students so that they are inspired to investigate for themselves.

Our young of today are faced with many more challenges, expectations and negative media exposure than ever before. In their quest to grow up quickly, battle with the enemy in their video games or dress and act like their favourite pop idol, they are neglecting all their own personal wonderful qualities, mindfulness of their actions on their self, others and the world around.

Yoga for the young, supports young people in taking time out to be with themselves, nurture their body through physical postures and breathing exercises, connect with their inner self and become more in tune with the world they live in and it’s interconnectedness with everything.

This article aims to provide inspiration for encouraging your child to participate in yoga activities through practising a simple pose and breathing exercise and taking part in a fun activity, to support and nurture both their inner world and the world they live in.

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