Job-Related Stressors Wellness Tip

Job-Related Stressors Wellness Tip

According to the 2011 Stress in America survey, 70% of working Americans say their job is a key source of stress in their life. Tight schedules and overtime leave less time for exercising, socializing, and other stress-proofing activities. Worries about job performance, salary, job security, and interactions with others can contribute to stress. High levels of job stress are also common for people who are left out of important decisions relating to their jobs. When workers are given the opportunity to shape their job descriptions and responsibilities, job satisfaction goes up and stress levels go down.

If job-related (or college-related) stress is severe or chronic, the result can be burnout, a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Burnout occurs most often in

College students face a host of stressors, not the least of which is the pressure to perform academically.

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Wellness Tip

If you worry about money, you definitely aren’t alone. In the American Psychological Association’s 2011 Stress in America survey, 75% of Americans cited money as a key source of stress in their lives. If money is a constant cause of worry for you, see the advice on financial wellness in Chapter 1, and get help from a financial planner. It’s never too early to have a solid financial plan in place. highly motivated and driven individuals who come to feel that their work is not recognized or that they are not accomplishing their goals. People in the helping professions teachers, social workers, caregivers, police officers, and so on are also prone to burnout. For some people who suffer from burnout, a vacation or leave of absence may be appropriate. For others, a reduced work schedule, better communication with superiors, or a change in job goals may be necessary. Improving time-management skills can also help.

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