Iyengar Yoga to Reduce Varicose Veins

Hi in today’s post we will be practicing Asanas for varicose veins varicose veins are when all the blood vessels get clogged around the nerves and they come behind they get collected behind the calf muscles most physicians and most of the doctors advise yoga. Because in yoga we do lot of Asanas that go against gravity that pull the pressure down and help in reducing varicose veins. So we start off with Sarvang Asana for which we need a chair a blanket on the chair for blocks. So that our shoulder is lifted and there is no stress around the neck and another blanket for the head.

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So we start by sitting sideways and raise both the legs up on the handle of the chair move your bottom into the chair now slowly start sliding down till your shoulders have reached the blocks on its own the chin starts locking into the chest stretch your toes out and close your eyes another variation for this which also helps to strengthen the uterus is by folding a legs into. But the corners get the soles of your feet together allow your knees and thighs to run out your things can lock in towards the chest the blood-bought bottom flowing to the opposite direction helping in varicose veins we stay like this for at least seven to eight minutes after which we bring our feet together hold the chair bring our feet down and start sliding down away from the chair till your bottom comes on the blocks rest your calf muscles on the seat of the chair and close your eyes for a couple of moments pressing your feet down lift your bottom up bring it down on the flo have your knees towards the chest roll over to the right side. And come up for Wickliffe Cuddy all we need is a bolster and a world so press the bolster to the end of the wall first you set sideways the bails help assisting us. So that our bottom stays closer to the wall raise both legs up allow your bum to press on the bolster keep your hands-free and let go at your toes observing your breath all this will help to reduce varicose winds we have to stay like this for at least five minutes.

And then we can add a variation by spreading a feet apart in upper which the core nasan we can hold this for about two minutes in the next variation we bring our feet together in. But the core nasan again we would be holding this for two more minutes to come out of the Asana keep your feet flat on the wall pressing the bolster wiggle back a little bit cross your legs on the bolster chin down towards your chest have your knees towards your chest roll over to the right side. And come up both the serve on Asana. And the WIPP Riskin ii helps in reducing very good swings you can combine both these Asanas with a couple of standing Asanas make a small mini sequence for yourself and practice them on your own for more posts keep reading you.

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