Is It Okay To Exercise While Pregnant

Is It Okay To Exercise While Pregnant

Besides giving us energy and nutrients and satisfying our appetite and providing the sensual pleasure of experiencing taste, temperature, color, and texture, food has another critical function: It brings people together.

Food links us to our cultureand to the cultures of our friends, extended families, and communities.

Preparing and serving food is a way of expressing love and affection. Eating food prepared and served to us is a way of acknowledging this loving expression.

Allow yourself to celebrate and appreciate the varied, positive experiences associated with eating: energizing your mind and body, satisfying hunger, connecting with friends and family, and celebrating yourself as a beautiful, living being nurtured by planet Earth.

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Fast food can be affordable, convenient, socialand, well, really fast. But don’t forget about slow food.

Sit with your grandpa on a park bench and shell pistachio nuts.

Plan a family picnic at the beach. Get sand in your sandwich. Throw a Frisbee around.

Organize a homework group on the weekend. Have nutritious snacks on hand for study breaks. Go with nuts, fruits, and vegetables with dips (see here for snack suggestions).

Plan a family dinner Expand it to include a friend. Turn off the TV. Talk!

Shopping together, fixing meals together, sitting down together at a tableand even cleaning up together after a meal are all great ways to connect with family and friends.

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