How long have you been married for?

Jeff and I have been married for 34 years.

What’s the key to a happy relationship? Communication is key. and also the willingness to work on yourself so that you don’t repeat behaviour and thought patterns that are between you and happiness, and that you work out within the relationship.

What Inspired you and your husband to write How Love Works?

The truth is when we got together we didn’t really know what we were doing, it was just something that happened and something you did. Naturally we made all the mistakes, which culminated in us separating about 20 years ago. We realised once we got back together there were stages all relationships go through, and principles that can be learned and applied to have the relationship you want. We wanted other people to have a resource and a way out of any relationship problem. How Love Works tells our story to illustrate the many general aspects it covers.


is this the first Uroo ‘r, ou 1v worked together?

It is the first time we have written a book together but we work together teaching around the world, and also we’ve written training programmes for schools and business.

How does your approach differ from other books about relationships?

It’s a combination of practical tips with our personal story, and the stories of many other people who have come to us for help in their lives and in their relationships. But the book also gives a bigger picture. We know that relationships are the fastest way for us to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, because every place in our minds that is broken, every place we are not in wholeness, will show up in our relationships. Generally I don’t think people are aware of how relationships are the cornerstone of our lives, and from good relationships everything else will flow.

Can you tell us more about the online

This is the age of the Internet and we are developing the use of online seminars with our friends and students around the world. It’s a surprisingly powerful way to connect and saves a lot of fuel and time! This method is still in its infancy but so far all the indicators are positive.

What can people expect to gain from the workshops as opposed to the book?

When people come together as a group in workshops it quickly becomes obvious that there is a group mind at work that has a profound healing direction, and that is a combination of the consciousness of everyone present. Our workshops are not scripted or planned, they are process-led; they unfold in ways we could never possibly plan or organise. The synchronicity and learning is always so much more than we expect.

You are set to do another series of workshops next year. Any plans to expand on the book? Not at the moment. We are continually surprised at the effect of the book, the people it is reaching and the lives it is helping to change. We feel the book still has a strong life of its own.

Would you like to work with your husband in the future?

Of course! I know that working on our relationship is a continuum, and it will probably never stop in this lifetime. Considering the nature of the mind and its vastness there will always be relationship issues to be addressed and transcended. Luckily through this work our partnership has grown so there is the friendship and the love and all the ingredients that make it fun to teach and work together. We teach that our happiness and our success lies in our relationship, so we better practice what we preach!

What’s next in your career?

At no time did we sit down and say exactly how we were going to be trainers, or international speakers and authors, or even work together in the relationship field. Somehow we have been led to this and we re as interested as anyone else where life will take us next.

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