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Philosophical idealism, Advaita Vedanta and yoga

The Gupta period meant the re-surfacing of Brahmanism into power and politics. Around 700 AD Brahmanism was on the verge of becoming hegemonic, as was evident from the emergence of the Advaita Vedanta School (Wikipedia link) . We need to introduce Vedanta philosophy as it became involved and engaged in the yoga discourse.

The Advaita Vedanta School founded by the philosopher Sankara was an offshoot of the Mimamsa School (Wikipedia link). The aim of Sankara and Advaita Vedanta was to pull Brahmanism together in an intellectual Veda-centred ideology so that it could stand up against Buddhism. The Vedas were at the centre of Brahmin Mimamsa philosophy, which was concerned about validating the undeniable truth and correct understanding of these texts. This kind of effort is often called theological exegesis.

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