Importance Of Breathing In Yoga

Slow head movement according to Gerda Alexander:

Relax again and move the head in slow motion to the right, then to the left, forwards to the chest and then straighten up again.

Cobra position, alone and with partner:

Stretch the back of your head backwards and upwards, as if someone was pulling you up by a tuft of your hair. Stretch your neck like a cobra: The chain is placed on the sternum, the back of the head stretches upwards, and the eyes however look towards the front. Observe everything that is in your field of vision and don’t forget to breathe.

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Marionette, alone and with partner:

You can also visualise that in this sitting position you are being pulled upwards by a thread at the back of your head like a marionette. Or you pull yourself up with a tuft of hair from the back of your head, or respectively allow yourself to be pulled up by a partner.

Neck stretching against the wall:

Neck stretching can also be performed standing upright with the back close against a wall or whilst seated. Stretch the cervical spine/back of the head upwards, and pull yourself up with a tuft of your hair like Munchhausen, who pulled himself out of the bog by his hair. If you like you can do just the same!

Neck stretching in combination with singing and sounding whilst driving:

Professor Coblenzer also recommends doing this neck stretching exercise in conjunction with singing and sounding during car driving, to stimulate the breathing and to thereby remain awake. A very good prescription!

Walk with jug or similar object on the head:

Walk with a jug, book or similar object on the head through the room Whilst doing this don’t hold your breath due to the high concentration but continue breathing normally! The breathing is stimulated through the inner collectedness for the task to be performed; the breathing space expands due to the straightening of the spinal column.

Whilst walking allow the legs to swing loosely from the hips, whereby the groin is stretched.

The feet feel the floor and roll off carefully on the soles with each step. To balance the object well, straighten up automatically – the posture corrects itself. As soon as you bend the neck or move into a hollow back, the object falls from the head.

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