If I stop training, will my muscles turn to fat?

If I stop training, will my muscles turn to fat?

A No. Fat and muscle are two different kinds of tissue, and one cannot turn into the other. Muscles that aren’t used become smaller (atrophy), and body fat may increase if caloric intake exceeds calories burned. Although the result of inactivity may be smaller muscles and more fat, the change is caused by two separate processes.

If I stop training, will my muscles turn to fat? Photo Gallery

If, internally, you are giving your pain the middle finger, it is time to meditate. This meditation was inspired by a time I went to an acupuncturist in quite a bit of pain. On my way out, I was chatting with the receptionist about how frustrated being incapacitated made me feel. My acupuncturist came from behind a curtain and said, “I heard that. Give your body time.”

What was she, some sort of wizard?

Maybe it was the fact that I had just trusted this woman to put needles in me, but I found myself heeding her advice. I listened to the voice inside me that wanted to evict my pain without understanding its cause or its lesson. It doesn’t mean that my pain dissipated. But my fight with it started to.

If you are finding it hard to be comfortable, start by finding a position that is perhaps less painful than others. As you find this shape (and it may be quite unique, depending on your condition), close your eyes and find three sounds around you. Right afterward, find three neutral body sensations. Then ask for three images to appear.

Now do the same thing two times. Two sounds, two body sensations, two images.

Then one sound, one sensation, one image.

Go back to three. Then two again. Then one.

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