How You Can Get Your Dream Body With Only 15 Minutes Of Exercise


When it comes to male fitness, no goal is quite as pressing as achieving a stomach that looks like an ironing board. So, in an eff ort to help you reach your goals in time for summer, and so you can impress those around you with your trained and sculpted-looking body, we’ve put together five intensive exercises that will quickly help you reach your target. And the best thing about it: you only need 15 minutes, four times a week and a little discipline.

PERSONAL COACH AND NUTRITIONIST Olaf Schulz (32) works in the John Reed Fitness Club in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. He highly recommends André Hamman’s 15-minute workout to his clients, advising them to do it four times throughout the week, which will help the stomach muscles recover from the stress of working out.

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Hang from a crossbar or suspended handles. Contract your core muscles and then lift your legs to waist height, keeping both legs straight. Hold the position briefly before slowly lowering the legs to your starting position. Three seconds up, three seconds down. It’s important to keep the movement controlled. Don’t swing your legs up or down. Using the same position, raise your legs to waist height, quickly twisting and bringing your knees as far in towards your chest and to the left shoulder as possible, then over to the right shoulder. The movement is meant to be explosive, but controlled. Your core should be contracted throughout the entire movement. Alternate starting sides.

Lie flat on your back. Raise your shoulders and legs slightly above the ground, keeping your core tight. Alternate kicking your legs up and down as if swimming in mid-air, using your stomach muscles to stabilise you. The lower to the ground that you hover your legs and back, the more effective the exercise is.

Lie with your entire back resting on the gymnastic ball, your face gazing forwards and your feet flat on the ground. Now lift yourself up slightly into crunch position using your stomach muscles and then hold the pose for two seconds. Then lower yourself back into starting position. The stomach should be contracted throughout the entire movement.

Raise your straightened legs from a seated position on the floor. Your torso will tilt backwards slightly. Keep your core tight as this happens and when you lift your weight. Maintain your balance as you alternate between shifting the weight over your legs, from the left side of your body to the right and back again. Try to twist your upper torso as far to the side as possible with each movement. Your hips and legs shouldn’t move.

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