How To Really Make Those Life Changes

How To Really Make Those Life Changes

1) Get to know yourself, your feelings and your body. Be aware of what’s going on inside.

2) Move your body – jump up and down, shake. It will help you move from your head (concepts, judgements) into your feelings and then into your heart.

3) Allow yourself to feel what you long for. Let that feeling of dissatisfaction guide you towards yearning.

4) Let a passionate prayer arise from within. Write it down, draw it, speak it. Let it have intention.

5) Keep your sense of the unknown so that your explorations can be as full as possible.

6) Remember the world is a reflection of yourself. Choose your glasses carefully.

7) True change happens on the inside. Don’t wait for someone else to rescue you.

8) Let go of your self-sufficiency.

9) Never give up.

10) Ask for Divine help. You can’t do it all on your own.

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