How to Kick the Habit

Do you feel like you battle cravings daily? Do you feel like you don’t have control? Are you battling the methods of getting the body you want? Chances are, whether you want to admit it or not, you have this book because you probably do. Are you ready to break free? Because I’m about to teach you how! We have been talking about this addiction, so I want to teach you how to kick it.

It’s actually a very simple process, but it will possibly suck for the first few days. But you could easily drop up to 10 pounds more from this tactic alone! (This depends on your starting weight.) We do this to kick the addition to sugar/processed foods and reset your biology. This puts YOU in control of your results.

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You may have an addiction and not even realize it until we begin this process. I guarantee 99.999999% of you reading this DO have a current addiction, and to foods you’re not even aware of until you notice it once we begin. I want ALL of you doing this! (Unless you’re already ripped, if you are already walking around with ripped arms, legs, abs, and are between 10- 13% body fat, you’re excused if you want to be.) If you’re not ripped, that’s your sign you don’t have discipline and you have an addiction, so we are going to kill that addiction!

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