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For anyone who wants to go hell for leather for 45 minutes to get a real sweat on, this workout will suit you perfectly. The added extras of the high-end
facilities make it that little bit nicer. Plus, I liked that it ivas more boxing than circuits heavy.


You’ll need boxing gloves and a punchbag for this workout. Start off by shadowboxing, practising your punches as well as footwork moving forwards, backwards
and sideways.

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Then do a circuit of five to six body weight exercises for 30 seconds each to further warm up. For the main part of the workout, do a minute of jabs, a minute
of crosses, a minute of hooks with your left hand, then your right. Do a minute of burpees, then get back onto the bag to do the same, switching it up with your combinations and doing ‘freestyle’ rounds, too. Repeat this four to five times, and vary the body weight exercises. Finish off with an abs circuit (try crunches, leg raises and v-sits) and some stretches.

The rounds on the bag are so intense that the conditioning exercises in bet ween seem like active recovery

Skills at

An intense, sweaty and effective boxing class in one of the swankiest gym facilities in London


When the music starts blasting and the lights are lowered, it’s really just you and the punch bag in the Skills studio at BXR.

Part of the Sweat by BXR classes on offer at this luxurious facility in London, Skills centres its 45-minute workout around boxing, so you’ll be practising
your jabs, crosses and hooks with intervals of bodyweight conditioning moves like burpees, squat jumps and press-ups.

It’s a small room, but the closeness adds to the atmosphere, and you’ll soon get used to being in someone else’s sweat splash-zone.


Boxing has become popular as an alternative to conventional cardio workouts like running, cycling and swimming – which can get a bit repetitive. Although
boxing seems upper-body heavy, it isn’t – it’s a full-body workout that requires recruitment from the lower body and core with every punch, which

you’ll definitely discover in this class. The rounds on the bag are so intense that the conditioning exercises in between seem like active recovery, so you can
expect to bum fat, get fit and work your heart and lungs. An added bonus? The barely-lit room allows you to let go of any inhibitions and really go to town on that bag, so if you’ve got any stress or aggression to let out, this is the place.


Like any class focused on cardio and conditioning, you only get out what you put in. It’s simple – if you’re feeling lazy and are hitting the bag at 50 per
cent effort, then you’ll see less of a result.

If you go all out, then you can expect to reap the rewards of the benefits above.


Sweat by BXR at BXR London ( Classes are £15 for members and £30 for non-members, with package deals available.

This conditioning session will set your body up to smash those winterfitness goals.


Perform 10 reps of each exercise in the upper-body circuit, taking 30 seconds’ to a minute of rest in between each exercise. Repeat the whole thing for a total
of 2-3 sets, depending on your level. Then, perform 30 seconds of each move in the circuit, back-to-back without rest. Follow the same format for the lower body and core circuits.

Here at WF, there’s no such thing as a summer or winter body. We want to be in shape all year round for the health, mental and wellbeing benefits it brings.
Using resistance exercises, this conditioning workout focuses on getting your muscles (from head to toe) ready for anything. So, whether your goal is to burn fat, to move better, move faster or to build your endurance, this workout will give you the tools to make it happen.

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