How to Do Surya Namaskar Sun Salute A Explained in Detail

Welcome to their own yoga and welcome Vanessa today we’ll look at Sun salute a Surya Namaskar a one of the most classic movements that happen in most of Tonga and vinyasa classes it’s our warm up we go up we go down we do back once we do forward fold let’s look at it and look also at link transitions will start with practicing one Vanessa and I. And then we’ll break it down and look at the little details. So there we go samasthiti V inhale yay come arms up looking up way exhale forward fold looking down towards the nose inhale lengthening looking a little forward exhale either stepping or jumping back lowering to your chaturanga inhale opening up upward facing dog looking towards the third eye exhale downward facing dog.

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We’ll take just two breaths here today brooding in the hands of beat keeping them alive and active barely up. And then we’re gonna look forward shift our weight step or jump forward lengthen the spine and exhale forward fold inhale coming all the way up looking up and exhale closing the pose so like we said we come to the top of the mat, if possible the feet are together, if you need to keep them a little bit apart let’s do it again slowly Vanessa will demonstrate inhale we take the arms up as the arms go up we try to keep the shoulders down gaze goes up towards the hand that was all one inhale we call that yankem or one the first vinyasa the first transition way the second we forward fold we come down to a post called uttan Asana and in luton Asana we looked down and try to keep the belly up. And we forward fold as much as possible some of us will need to bend the knees and that’s perfectly fine trini third position we lengthen the spine we take our Drishti forward is not just possible. And we try to keep this length of the spine as you either step or jump that and lower to your chaturanga when we’re done we try to keep the gaze forward.

And then from here we roll through into our fifth position. And this is the upward facing dog keeping lengthen the spine right forehead is relaxed and going to our sixth position the downward facing dog which is an exhale. So once we finished the exhale we count about five Brett’s right you can stay longer or less I was just the traditional we’re keeping everything rooted and we’re along gating the spine as much as possible for the seventh transition it’s kind of tricky. Because it’s one transition all the way from downward dog to the halfway up and in this transition we’re technically taking an inhale and lengthening the spine you may decide to take the inhale only after you land that’s okay looking between the hands septa step or jump inhale lengthen the spine this is the seventh position Ashdod exhale we forward fold into the eighth position Nava a big long inhale to go all the way up arms over the head.

And then some SCTV we don’t call that like ten we just close the sequence those are our nine positions with inhale always following exhale with the harder ones are exhaling all the way down to your chaturanga but, if you ever need to sneak in an extra inhale or an extra exhale that’s perfectly fine the way to remember what happens in the transitions is to remember that as we inhale we’re almost always opening up we’re raising the arms up we’re opening to upward dog as we exhale we always forward full right we’re coming down or we’re moving into downward dog. So the inhales. And the exhales are somewhat intuitive, if you kind of start practicing them as consciously as possible one last time Vanessa and I together we’ll try to do it just see how kind of the whole picture. And then it’s gonna be your turn to practice. So we’re gonna come to get some sthiti heat we have a lazy dog not doing downward dog with us. But hopefully you’re not lazy right he’s naturally flexible samasthiti inhale yankem arms up overhead duay exhale forward folding training inhale looking forward chat wari exhale chaturanga dand Asana the fourth position panchuk inhale shining upward dog shot sixth position exhale downward facing dog and make sure you’re staying present with your gaze your gazes either at your toes or your knees. And then exhale completely look between the hands for Sapta and step or jump seventh position lengthening the spine with an inhale and with an exhale ah slow forward for now that coming all the way up looking ups your thumbs. And some are sticky that’s it folks hopefully you enjoyed keep practicing come see us again thanks so much Vanessa namaste.

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