How to do Marichyasana Marichi’s Pose

Sit up tall with your legs stretched out in front of you. Prop your sit bones as needed to ensure natural spinal curves. Inhale, bend your right leg, and bring your heel close to your buttock. Allow some space between your right foot and extended leg. Line up your right foot with the outer edge of your right hip. Keep your extended leg active. Inhale and with your exhalation, twist to your right. Place your right hand behind your back and place your left arm outside your right knee. Your gaze may be to the right or over your right shoulder. Hold the position for a few breaths. With each breath out, take your twist gently further. Once you’re ready, ease back into center and repeat the pose on the other

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“Twist Imagery: Once you’ve settled into your deepest twist, imagine a swirling ribbon of satin winding its way around your spine. With your mind’s eye, trace that silky spiral from your tailbone all the way up into the sky so that your spine feels evenly stretched from bottom to top. Breathe gently, soften the inner organs, and enjoy the juicy vibrancy thatMarichyasana III offers.” – Claudia Cummins, Yoga Journal, For Beginners: Maricyasana III27

“Twist Inspiration: I inevitably find myself drawn as if by a magnet to the deep and soul-drenching twist of Marichyasana III. One of the most exquisite and refreshing of all yoga postures, Marichyasana III serves as a balm for tight shoulders, achy backs, sluggish digestion, and stifled breathing. It leaves us balanced, rejuvenated, and ready for the day ahead.” – Claudia Cummins. Yoga Journal, For Beginners: Maricyasana III28

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