How Long Does It Take To See Results From Pilates?

Maybe, maybe not— whether or not you can sculpt abs à la Channing Tatum or J Lo is determined by your DNA. But a group of Turkish researchers aimed to measure the method’s effectiveness by examining the rectus abdominis, aka the sixpack muscles.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Pilates? Photo Gallery

In the study, published in the journal MOJ Yoga and Physical Therapy, 40 healthy women—of similar age, BMI and marital status—who had never done Pilates before were divided into two groups: one did 45 minutes of matwork three times a week supervised by a Peak Pilates teacher, while a second group abstained from exercising.

After eight weeks, researchers measured the subjects’ rectus abdominis and internal oblique thickness using ultrasound technology, and found a significant increase both during contraction and at rest; in other words, the exercisers got stronger. Not surprisingly, they also discovered that the Pilates group had better balance and stability, compared to when they first hit the mat.—A.A.

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