Hip Stretches for Pain Relief and To Open Hips Simple Yoga Poses

Hi my name is Asha. And I’m a yoga instructor today I’m going to be showing you some postures to open up the hips it’s very natural that, if you don’t do a lot of exercise or, if you’re sitting in the chair all day long either at work or at home you can get a lot of tightness in the hips.

So this posture is called the pigeon pose which helps to bring flexibility and really open up the hip area. So we’ll start by coming on to the palms. And then just slide the left knee forward in between the two palms so bring the left knee to point directly to the front of the mat palms stay down. And then we’re just going to roll the hips a little till you can feel that both hip bones are facing forward. So It’s very important here you may have the tendency to lift one hip bone up just roll it down and try to find a position where both hip bones are squared palms facing down foot can just be right next to the right hip bone. And then we’ll just push into the fingers to walk the palms up all the way up, if you feel really nice inhale lift the palms bringing them together over the head inhale lift up and exhale move into a nice back slowly release drop the palms down. And then walk the palms out you can come down onto the elbows or, if you feel really nice and walk the palms all the way out and bring the head down slowly coming back up, if this felt really good you can try to bring the foot. And the knee in one line. And when you do this make sure to flex the foot. So you protect the knee roll the hips down palms pushing into the ground lift up inhale and exhale sink the hip bones down walking the palms out.

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And then just drop the elbows down once more deep breath and exhale you can slowly drop the chest down drop the head bend the right knee and take the foot into the corner of the elbow you’re just hooking it right there. And you can stay here. And you can already feel a really good stretch in the hip. And just stay here, if you feel ready to challenge the body then reach the left palm up and interlock the fingers facing forward let the chest be open and release palms down release the leg drop the pumps tuck the toes of the back lift. And then just join both knees together and switch sides one thing to remember is that you’re not going to achieve hip flexibility in one day so listen to your body, if it feels really tight and very uncomfortable when you’re doing pigeon pose then take it easy don’t push too deep into it take your time be patient with your body and let your body slowly and gradually get deeper into the posture I hope you enjoyed that, if you want to see more yoga posts then all you have to do is subscribe to this blog and click that button right down there all right take care.

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