Hip Opener Lizard Lunge Pose Utthan Pristh Asana 2 Minutes Yoga Health

Come into kneeling position step your right foot forward and place pump on the man toes pointed lengthen your spine and still few minute or few planes here now bring both forearms to the floor inside the right leg tuck your toes inside inhale lift your left knee keep your inner left thigh lips stained and resting lend in your upper back and open your chest each day for five to eight plate here keeping is you're laying and here breathe gently slowly come back and repeat other side our left leg step forward place palms on the mat in anjaney Asana both forearm to the floor inside the left leg this time toes tuck inside inhale lift your knee and lengthen your entire leg keep your entire muscle joint relaxed and even breathing stay equal length of time both side xa me trough. And come back relaxing by dresser.

Hip Opening in Upavistha Kon Asana Seated Wide Angle Yoga Pose 2 Minutes Yoga Health

From sukhasan inhale and bring pit in towards perineum hole pit with hands and keep spine open chest lifted he stay five to ten breath here and field opening on outer thigh now prom. But the kunais on wide your legs and place your forearms on floor inhale and lengthening your spine and keep engage your kneecap and tie it takes several breath here be aware about the sensation just watch come out of the position and band your knee and hold both big toes inhale and extend legs and arms.

And come to vape armistice on from epidermis concern in hell and wide your legs while exhale rock back leg over head to floor with legs spread wide stay 5 to 8 breath here not inhale roll up pause with legs up while exhale roll over with chest and chin to flow stay again here five to eight breath inhale come out of the position exhale be relaxed.

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