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It is not clear exactly how and why the yoga-consciousness manages to enter these last four stages instead of returning to samsara for another turn of the wheel. We are only told that this shift happens through the practice of the three previous yoga stages.

Four stages of yoga consciousness

4th Stage of the dream world (svapna loka).

5th Stage of deep non-dual sleep (advaita susupta)

6th Stage of living liberation (jivan-mukti)

7th Stage of free from the body (videha mukti).

When it has entered the fourth stage the yoga-consciousness perceives the world in a nondual vision with all thoughts of duality put to rest, the yogins see this world as it is a dream. (v.60). This is called the fourth stage of the dream world’ (svapna loka). It is not clear what is happening here or if anything further needs to be achieved. From the descriptions ofthe non-dual visions’ of stage four, we would have thought it had happened already at stage three. So it is not clear what changed in the yoga-consciousness by moving from stage three to stage four. Then like in a dream sequence the yoga-consciousness moves on.

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