Heron Yoga Pose

Natural GABA is being produced by fermentation and widely used as Heron Yoga Pose a functional food supplement in Japan. The effects on electrocardiogram of 100 mg of GABA produced Heron Yoga Pose by natural fermentation Pharma-GABA were compared to 200 mg L-theanine and placebo in a double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study of 13 healthy adults.

Alpha waves are associated with relaxed, effortless alertness. Beta waves occur in highly stressful situations and during difficulty with mental concentration. GABA intake resulted in significantly greater increase in alpha and decrease in beta compared to both L-theanine and control Abdou, Higashiguchi, Horie, Kim, Hatta et al., 2006. The high alpha-beta ratio indicates a state of arousal with relaxation or relaxed concentration. Low levels of immunoglobulin-A IgA have been found in the saliva of highly anxious individuals with further pronounced reductions in stressful situations.

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