Helpful Hints to Prepare for Meditation

Foremost, understand your purpose for meditating. Is it medical or spiritual? Is it for stress reduction or to refine inner awareness? Is it because you want to meditate or because someone else told you it would be good for you? It is easier to practice meditation if you define or clarify your purpose for meditation.

Meditation is highly individual. The technique or techniques your teacher uses in a yoga class may not suit you. You may need to shop around for a technique that suits your lifestyle.

Certain meditation traditions from other cultures may not be harmonious with your culture or traditions. Meditation experiences differ significantly. While much has been written about the benefits of meditation, it’s best not to have expectations. Meditation is about becoming aware and sensitive to what occurs within you. It is not an escape from reality, or a retreat into a cave. It is a practice that leads to harmony and reality. Meditation is an illumination of reality, not an escape from it.

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