Headstand Yoga Pose

Headstand Yoga Pose

The key to falling asleep is to combine a little Feng Shui with some aromatherapy and yoga. Your bedroom needs to be your sanctuary so try not to have too many electrical appliances in there Start to wind down about an hour before you go to bed Go and have a bath with scented oils such as lavender and ylang ylang, and you can also burn these in your room After your bath, relax on your bed while reading, or if you find reading to be too stimulating before you retire, then spend five-minutes in Savasana (Corpse pose). If you really concentrate on releasing all your muscles while in this

Yoga is a tool a friend and a teacher. As a tool, it allows me to remain fit and healthy. As a friend it supports me in all the many modes of life regardless of how I am towards it. As a teacher it is one of great rarity that gently and not so gently points out one’s failings with firm compassion. Someone to be relied upon whose counsel is always wise, if not always understood at the time.

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I became interested in yoga in my 20s, when 1 was working and living in the Outback where it was too hot for anything other than the minimum physical activity outside work and I saw yoga as a good compromise to keep fit. 1 soon realised how much I had to leam and could benefit from daily practice. Dunng this time 1 lived in Thailand and took up Vipassana meditation which has become a daily activity since then. Then in the 1990s my approach to yoga was transformed by the inspiration of Danny Paradise when he started his workshops in the UK. With this practice I felt that a missing link (the Ujjayi breath and Bandhas) had fallen into place.

Yoga is very important because it tells me exactly how 1 feel both physically and mentally, whether I am concentrated or distracted and how my physical health is. Today 1 share with my students my approach to yoga which is integrated with mindfulness. This way of practising creates lightness and balance but above all gives a place to re-connect with what is authentic both on the mat and in daily life.

August sees the 10th anniversary of yogahaven opening their first studio in Brighton. To celebrate the occasion, we caught up with founder Allie Hill who is offering one, free introductory course at each of her four studios.

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