Hatha Yoga Beginner Poses

Hatha Yoga Beginner Poses

Bladder Function (Western Medicine)

– Storage of urine

– The release of urine by its own muscle system Kidney Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Storing essence (Jing Qi) given at birth

– Dominates human reproduction and development

– Produces ‘marrow’ to fill the brain

– Produces ‘marrow’ for bone health

– Manufactures blood

– Manifests in hair on the head

– Opens into the ears

– Fluid secretions mainly urine, semen and vaginal fluids

– Houses will-power, courage, inner strength

– Emotions associated are anxiety, fear and courage Bladder Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Fluid transformation

– Stores and excretes urine

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Signs and Symptoms

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