Hatha Yoga Beginner Poses

Hatha Yoga Beginner Poses

Bladder Function (Western Medicine)

– Storage of urine.

– The release of urine by its own muscle system Kidney Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Storing essence (Jing Qi) given at birth.

– Dominates human reproduction and development.

– Produces ‘marrow’ to fill the brain.

– Produces ‘marrow’ for bone health.

– Manufactures blood.

– Manifests in hair on the head.

– Opens into the ears.

– Fluid secretions mainly urine, semen and vaginal fluids.

– Houses will-power, courage, inner strength.

– Emotions associated are anxiety, fear and courage Bladder Function (Oriental Medicine)

– Fluid transformation.

– Stores and excretes urine.

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Signs and Symptoms.

After a few moments, think to yourself Ananda (Ah-nuhn-da) Hum. This means, “I am bliss. ? Repeat it over and over as you sit in silence. Meditation helps us understand that joy doesn’t have to be connected to an external circumstance.

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We can just simply be joyful.

Take that feeling of joy with you. The world needs it.

When we feel healthy, it’s easier to unroll our yoga mat or go for a run, appreciating the strength of the body. But what about those times when, even though the sun is shining, your body is not cooperating with your ultimate plan of wellness? Allergies can kick in, a nasty cold can take effect, and all of a sudden, your mindfulness can be boiled down to the mantra, “screw this. ? Sometimes negativity can be as pervasive as the side effects of sniffling and drowsiness. This we can do something about.

A very important part of the healing process is to get comfortable, so begin this meditation by putting your feet up.

It may be difficult to breathe, so don’t focus on your breathing. In fact, don’t try to resist being sick at all, bemoaning what it felt like to be healthy. This in itself can make the virus thicken to make itself heard.

Hear your virus. Envision where you feel it the most. Don’t be angry with it; try to be at peace with it. This is hard for us movers and shakers. At peace does not mean you are giving up on your health for good. It is just realizing that this rest is a part of your health as a whole.

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