Handstand Yoga Pose

Handstand Yoga Pose

Adho Mukha Vrksasana

When you feel ready, explore hopping up into Handstand. In Sanskrit, “handstand” translates to “upside-down tree, ” so you’re bound to feel a bit uprooted. Spiritually, this Yoga Pose is used to break free from limited thinking and habitual patterns. Try practicing it whenever you feel stuck.

QUALITY Energizing EFFECT Cleansing, focus, strength, tranquility PROPS None GAZE Down

1 Place the front of your mat near a wall. Come onto your hands and knees with your hands about 6 inches away from the wall. Spread your hands wide and grip your mat with your fingertips as you roll your shoulders down and away from your ears. Tuck your toes under and exhale as you go into Downward-Facing Dog Pose.

2 Look forward between your hands and walk your feet forward so your shoulders are over your wrists and hips over your shoulders.

3 Inhale while you move your right leg up so it’s parallel with the ground with your right hip pointin down. Bend your left knee and come onto the ball of your left foot.

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4 Using your exhale, strongly press off the ball of your left foot and hop your heel toward your buttocks to send your right leg up the wall. Do this a few times until your right heel is on the wall and you can lengthen your left leg up to meet your right.

5 Once you’re upside down, stay for 3 to 5 breaths. Focus your gaze on the ground between your han or draw your chin toward your chest, and rest your head between your upper arms and look out in front of you.

6 Flex your feet to engage your thighs, and roll them in as your draw your front ribs in to support yoi lower back.

7 When you’re ready to come down, rest in Child’s Yoga Pose Pose for a few breaths. Slowly rise up to sit with your head coming up last to avoid getting light-headed.

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