Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose

For this pose you will need to put your weight on one leg with the same side hand on the mat for balance. With your legs straight but with soft knees, place both hands on the mat in front of you. Lift your left leg straight out behind you and open up your body to the left as you lift your left arm straight up to the ceiling, following it with your eyes so that your head has turned.

Keep the fingertips of your right hand spread on the mat in order to help you to keep your balance. You will inhale as you go into this pose.

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After envisioning where your virus is, see if you can feel a part of your body that is unaffected. It could be your toe. Focus on that point, and imagine the healing potential of your body expanding. Imagine the same feeling you have in that unaffected part reaching to the rest of your body. And then rest.

Rest without distraction. Heal without the television. Give yourself time.

Most of us have a friend who seems more surprised when things go right than when they go wrong. “This always happens to me” might be their common glum refrain. However, they might want to consider the law of attraction so much of who we are and how we feel is reflected right back at us. So the next time you are certain that the cards are not in your favor, have a seat.

In the midst of a busy and rushed existence, it can be hard to detect the beauty and joy that is always present around you. Rather than being stuck in your own head, try looking outside yourself to come to a present moment of awareness.

Think silently to yourself the word om. Every time you find you are distracted by your thoughts or by noises in your environment, come back to om. You probably have heard this sound, even if you have never set foot in a yoga studio. This mantra is a sacred sound that honors the notion of connectedness to the whole universe. It’s even thought to be the sound of the universe.

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