Hairstyles For Black Women With Thin Hair

Hairstyles For Black Women With Thin Hair


Don’t swim alone, even if you’re a good swimmer.

There should always be somebody in or near the pool while you dip, dunk, and swim in case you bump your head or have another health emergency.

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Swim where there are lifeguards.

Dive only from the end of a diving board into deep water where you can clearly see the bottom.

If you get tired while you’re swimming or get a crampdon’t panic. Just roll onto your back and floatslowly kicking to the nearest edge or to shallow water.

Come into silence, releasing the mantra as you release your expectations.

Author Eckhart Tolle has an infectious laugh. He may deal in the realm of mindfulness, but he finds a lot of things in life funny. One thing he finds funny is that most meditators put in so much effort to control the experience and manufacture a specific state.

Sometimes we think more than others. Sometimes we worry more than others. If we try to ignore how we are really feeling, the feeling wins and it becomes bigger. If we sit with ourselves and try our best to let thoughts come and go, we are meditating and we are also allowing ourselves to be, which is the opposite of effort.

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