Great Weight Loss Tips

Great Weight Loss Tips


A magazine ad portrays a model out in the great outdoors with her friends. She’s wearing, perhaps, a pair of microshortsand maybe a flimsy pair of sparkly flip-flops?

First of all, kids need to exercise in the great outdoor saccompanied by an adult!

When exercising, dress appropriately. Consider the temperature so you don’t get too hot (or cold). Wear comfortable underwear (cotton is best) and a sports bra that hugs your breasts close to your chest if you need one.

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Throw a shirt over it and put on some sweats or other loose-fitting pants or shorts, socksand shoes appropriate for the activity.

Tie a sweatshirt around your waist if it’s chilly out.

Have fun!

It would be just so great if you could walk, hike, jog, in-line skate, skateboard, or ride a bike or scooter whenever and wherever you want to.

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