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The yoga of the Upanishads, on the other hand, was clearly adapted to a Brahmin sign system. The YS expresses the notions of a separate non-Brahmin milieu. It could, in other words, be a compilation of various proto-text fragments belonging to the general cultural field of liberation, a non-Buddhist and a non-Jain stratum only sharing the yoga' word with the Brahmins. The YS – written by a heterodox intellectual – and certain yoga discussions in the Mahabharata – written by commissioned Brahmins – could reflect a heterodox milieu of intellectual urbanised elites and warrior nobilities, some householders, others ascetic itinerants.

The various yoga milieus before YS summarised.

Let me try to establish an overview of the situation of the yoga discourse at the time of compilation – 300-400 AD.

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At this point the yoga discourse was about 700-900 years old. From the texts' sources we can see that there was no common usage of the yoga signifier and no comprehensive yoga doctrine was developed. Furthermore we can see that the notion was enveloped in different sign systems providing the yoga sign with various use-values and meanings. Sociologically viewed, we would expect that the diverse envelopes or sign systems framing yoga were a reflection of miscellaneous social milieus. Let me expand on this – why did these various social groups not develop a comprehensive yoga philosophy?

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