Getting Started with Yoga

This chapter is going to explore the best ways for you to get started with yoga. This chapter will be broken into several sections and will detail the following to help you get started.

– What equipment do I need to start yoga?

– When is the best time to practice to yoga?

– What is the best environment for me to practice yoga?

– What sort of diet should I follow when practicing Yoga?

After reading each section you will be able to adopt yoga into your lifestyle in a way that will yield accelerated results.


In theory all you need to start yoga is your body and a desire to practice. Now I could end the chapter
like that but I would prefer to give you some recommendations that will improve your yoga experience.

Yoga Mat

I find the most important piece of equipment to be a good quality yoga mat. A mat will give you a soft cushioning between your body and the floor. This will help prevent you from placing strain on your joints during various poses. The mat also provides you with a yoga space’ this is the area in which our body will mostly be contained during the routines. I often find that having my yoga space defined by a mat helps anchor me to my poses and routines much more effectively.

When buying a yoga mat you will want to take into account the following few questions:

1. What is my budget? Yoga mats can be cheap or expensive. They can range from $5 to upwards of $50 and the amount you spend is not necessarily directly related to the quality. I usually aim for a mat around the $15-20 mark, I find this provides a good sized, well-made comfortable mat hat has a long lifespan.

2. Do I need to travel with my mat? If you are a frequent traveller and want to be doing yoga whilst on the road you will want a mat that rolls up very tightly, is easy to keep rolled up and has the option of a carry strap or handle.

3. Do I like this surface type? Yoga mats can come with various surfaces, before you buy make sure you check out the surface with your hand to see how you like it. If it feels uncomfortable to your skin then the chances are you aren’t going to want to spend much time on it.

4. Will I be doing Bikram Yoga? This is a style of yoga that is done in extremely high heats (often a sauna or hot room) and as a result you sweat a great deal more. If you are going to be practicing Bikram, or another form of hot yoga, you will definitely want a skid-less yoga mat.

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