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In this way the yoga sign – through the habitus of romanticism – becomes charged with symbolic value: it is linked to and associated with established high value cultural signs. Thus the student is often urged to feel’ the holistic connection (nature’, ancient’, whole-ness’) during the practice and to take these feelings with them out in the world’. Yoga is signified as a holistic restoring practice’ – re-connecting the parts with the whole’. The yogi is being empowered by being re-rooted in the ancient, the origin of things, the nature, the divine or her own inner nature’. By re-establishing a connection to the whole’, one returns to an integrated wholesome being’ – the natural condition’ of humanity devoid of alienation, loneliness and lack of identity – the romanticist nostalgic aspiration of returning’. Practising yoga means that the yogi is linking into powerful imaginations and fantasies.

When yoga in this way is charged with symbolic value, it also has psychological transforming effects. It is becomes a self-fulfilling social-psychological process where the individual feels because they are told during practice to do so. You get what you expect.

The effect of valerian improves over time, and maximal benefit Gate Yoga Pose may take two weeks. A small study of 36 patients with generalized anxiety disorder compared valerian Gate Yoga Pose mean daily dose 81.3 mg valepotriates, diazepam mean daily dose 6.5 mg, and placebo Andreatini, Sartori, Seabra, & Leite, 2002. There were no significant differences in this four-week randomized controlled trial among the three groups on either baseline or the change from baseline scores on the Hamilton anxiety scale. All three groups had significant reduction in Hamilton depression scale scores. However, only the diazepam and valerian groups showed significant reductions on the Hamilton anxiety scale psychic factor.

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