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Premenopausal women on ArginMax reported significantly improved sexual desire and satisfaction Garudasana Yoga Pose with sex life Female Sexual Function Index, frequency of desire, and intercourse compared with placebo Garudasana Yoga Pose group. Perimenopausal women primarily reported improvements in frequency of intercourse, satisfaction with sexual relationship, and vaginal dryness compared with placebo group. Postmenopausal women showed increased level of sexual desire 51% compared with placebo 8%. ArginMax has not been found to have estrogenic activity Ito, Polan, Whipple, & Trant, 2006. This study highlights two important issues. First, the effects of herbal treatments vary with hormonal status. Second, the more effective treatment approaches combine synergistic herbs and other nutrients. DHEA for Sexual Arousal in Postmenopausal Women In a double-blind randomized crossover study of 16 postmenopausal sexually functioning women, a single oral dose of 300 mg DHEA given 60 minutes before presentation of an erotic video segment significantly increased subjective ratings of physical p 0.

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