Fun Yoga Poses For Kids

Fun Yoga Poses For Kids

• Many people need to use heel lifts (in shoes) permanently, to prevent recurrent problems.

• Stretching the Achilles tendon during a period of acute pain will probably make the condition worse. Sometimes a night splint can help, so have a doctor look carefully at this as a treatment mode. Note that there is a sock device that is sometimes prescribed for Plantar Fasciitis that does not work very well for this posterior heel problem. Overdoing a night splint is possible, so be careful.

• It is important to keep the heel as straight as possible in yoga and walking. Custom orthotics may require a couple of experimental modifications to find the optimal position but they can produce successful results. Making adjustments to orthotics is a normal part of the process, and not a reflection of poor understanding by the doctor. In many cases, the first versions may over-correct temporarily, but can be modified to work, and gradually reduce the correction, as the injury heals.

• Many great athletes have had to retire from competition because of severe posterior heel damage. It is important to address the problem early.

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• Early rest can prevent long-term complications. Remember, a high percentage of these Yoga Injuries are caused by the bursa becoming inflamed. When the bursa is sore, it becomes enlarged and attracts a fluid buildup. That increases pressure on the area. So, activity accelerates the swelling and damage. Resting for a few days may allow the swelling to decrease while you continue to work out gently as the bursa shrinks.

• A single episode of pain may heal quickly and cause no further problems. If the pain appears during an important yoga pose and rest afterward is planned, it is logical to continue.

• Continuing to train with pain for a long time is a poor idea because permanent growth of the heel bone bump or spur occurs. Permanent damage to the tendon is possible and the bursa can develop fibrotic scarring and never shrink back to its normal size.

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