Fun Weight Loss Tips

Fun Weight Loss Tips

Improve flexibility fitness by combining stretching with yoga and aerobics!

Rent an exercise video, borrow one from the library, or join a class at your local Y, Boys and Girls Club, church, or community center. Aerobics classes are a great place to make new friends.

Or bring your parent along!

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Hmmm. Tights and belly shirts? Do we actually need to wear such things when we exercise?

Keep in mind that the fashion industry sometimes connects with the fitness industry to create the illusion that we need to LOOK a certain way before we work out. Why?

To sell stuff!

Working out feels good and is good for you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Those are the reasons to do it.

Don’t stress over what you are wearing or how you look when you move, bend, dance, reach, or jump.

Worrying so much about how you look that it prevents you from working out is totally counterproductive.

Don’t do this to yourself!

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