Full Forward Bend Yoga Pose

Full Forward Bend Yoga Pose


This Yoga Pose is another of deep surrender, so make sure you ’re warmed up through Sun Salutations Pose and standing Yoga Poses so you can release deeply in to the Yoga Pose and receive its many benefits. This Yoga Pose stretches the entire back body. It ’s also thought to stimulate the internal organs, promoting digestion and detoxification, relieving anxiety and stress, and helping with menstrual discomfort and hormonal imbalances.

QUALFTY Calming, grounding EFFECT Cleansing, flexibility, tranquility PROPS Blanket, strap GAZE Inward

1 Begin in a seated position on the ground with a folded blanket under the edge of your sit bones and your legs together, stretched out in front of you.

2 Place your hands behind you to sit up tall, lengthening your spine. Open your chest by drawing you shoulders back and away from your ears. Flex your feet to activate your legs.

3 Bend your knees slightly and inhale while raising your arms up. Exhale and fold forward over you legs, hinging at the hips.

4 Keeping your knees bent, reach for the outer edges of your feet and draw your chest forward and shoulders back, lengthening your spine and deeply contracting your abdomen. This stokes the digestive fire and promotes purification.

5 Modification: If your hands don’t reach your feet, place a strap around your feet and hold it tightly with both hands while extending your spine forward.

6 Draw your chin toward your chest and turn your gaze within. Stay here for 8 to 10 breaths.

7 When you’re ready, root down into your sit bones to rise up.

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