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The various pranayama techniques are described rather vaguely. The instructions are not precise enough to enable a student to practise. The verses describing the techniques seem more interested in informing about the benefits of pranayama. Let us now investigate the purpose of pranayama according to HYP

One of the basic purposes ofpranayama is to purify’ the nadis and chakras through whichprana flows. But a modern reader again needs to read with care. The nadis and chakras are not situated in the material body but in the subtle body. The impurities’ blocking the energy are sometimes called knots’, but the idea of knots blocking the energy flow does not help us much in understanding what we are talking about. We are hence left with no understanding of what these impurities’ actually are. In Western thinking we would wonder what their ontological status is: are we talking about physical or metaphysical knots and impurities?

As a child he had been extremely hyperactive with both verbal Full Boat Yoga Pose and mathematical learning disabilities. Adderall 60 mg/day stopped his explosive outbursts, but the Full Boat Yoga Pose improvement in his mental focus was modest at best. He said that without the Adderall he felt paralyzed. Valproate depakote significantly reduced his anger but caused such severe acne that he stopped taking it. On buproprion Wellbutrin he developed hepatitis, and worse aggression. After trials of gabapentin Neurontin, provigil Modafanil, and St. John’s Wort had destabilized his moods resulting in mixed dysphoric manic states, Jim was sent for a consultation. For mood stabilization, lamotragine Lamictal was tried in doses up to 400 mg/day with no clear benefit.

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