Frog Pose Yoga

Frog Pose Yoga

• Even if it does not hurt, repeated episodes of ankle rolling produces damage that can lead to early arthritis.

• Both pronated feet and high arched feet can have unstable ankles. Reducing/ eliminating the pronation will reduce instability: If a foot is heavily pronated at push-off, it will be supinating as it swings forward. Therefore, a misstep can push the foot into inversion and sprain. A normal foot will be neutral to slightly supinated at toe-off and will be pronating slightly as it strikes the ground. A misstep will not roll the foot outward.

• Surgically repaired ankles from fractures or ligament repair need the best stability available, which can be provided by medical orthotics. Often the ankle can change its position, angle, and flexibility. This means, in some cases, that different shoe models might be best for each foot, or at least a different orthotic angle for each.

• Chronic pain or swelling without a recent sprain should be evaluated.

• Ankle arthritis is a strong possibility if recurrent sprains are ignored or if pain and swelling is persistent and no correction made.

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The Tendon Just Above the Back of the Heel Bone ACHILLES TENDON

• The pain can be anywhere along the tendon that attaches to the back of heel. It extends upward to the lower part of the calf muscle.

• Another area for pain is just above the heel, deeper than the tendon, but not near the ankle bones.

• The mildest version does not hurt when exercising, but is a mild morning stiffness.

• It can progress to hurt for the first few minutes of a workout, and then go away.

• Some versions begin during a run, but are not felt afterward. Or it may hurt every few runs or walks. The frequency may increase gradually with pain felt the next morning.

• yoga or walking up a hill will increase the pain, and going downhill may also aggravate it. The tendon bends when toes are lower than the heel and impact is greater going downhill. As the foot flattens and the ankle rolls, the Achilles tendon will twist.

• Sharp pain that begins suddenly during a yoga indicates a more severe injury.

• Swelling may or may not be present. This can be in the form of a bump on one side or cause the entire tendon to thicken, with soreness.

• Pain can vary from mild to severe.

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