For Hot Body Posture Try Parvat Asana

Namaskar and david at and welcome to anand / cooperate yoga corporate yoga is specially designed for those people who really can’t find time through any form of exercising this is also known as chair yoga as it is done sitting on your office chair this are simple practices which will help you to reduce the stress. And the effect of the stress that you experience in your corporate world on your body we just require 10 to 15 minutes of your time in office and feel the difference in the energy levels. And the fitness of your body par with arson to go in this practice you take both the hands in the mask our position such that the forearms are parallel to the ground now keeping the forearms parallel you slowly start taking the hands up.

And then stretch them upward in close your eyes. And just enjoy the stretch that you can feed in your sides in your back feel the expansion of your chest the lungs keep breathing normal, if you want to increase the stretch you can do a variation in this in which you interlock the fingers up and start turning the palms out and upward you can still stretch even more keep breathing attention to your breath or pay attention to your body when you feel like coming out you first open your eyes take the hands in again I’m asked our position and start taking the masks are very slowly down see that you’re conscious about the movement of your shoulder joints. And come out and relax this practice will immediately reduce the tiredness of your back when you’re doing the world should also help you to improve the health of your shoulder joint. Because of the movement health of your lungs and health of your sides.

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