Folic Acid Benefits in Pregnancy

Do I need more folic acid now?

You need food that is richer in nutrients and folic acid counts too. The key here is to not entirely depend on the supplement but use it as an aid to support folic acid intake from natural foods. Beetroot, seasonal vegetables and an under-valued source is cooked lentils—moong, matki, chawli and the likes.

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Vit B12 is required for Vit B9 (folic acid) to carry out its functions, so don’t forget the dahi, chaas, and again the soaked, sprouted and well-cooked lentils. The thing to remember is that nutrients depend on each other to carry out their specific functions. It’s like your production department needs a well-functioning admin or maintenance department for it to work at its optimum.

There are some reports of excess folic acid doing more damage than good to the baby, but my guess is that is much more likely to happen if the diet is overall poor in nature and one is just popping a folic acid pill.

International Guidelines for Preventive Folic Acid Dosage

International Guidelines for Preventive Folic Acid Dosage

Folic acid in pregnancy

folic acid in pregnancy

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