Flying Pigeon Yoga Pose

Flying Pigeon Yoga Pose

Grand Slam title holders HPE is the line for you. This exceptional brand designs each and every one of its pieces to aid and withstand rigorous training conditions.

Founded by human performance specialist Nick Harris, who has worked with world class athletes, HPE is a brand engineered for high performance. Applying a specialist knowledge of systems and science,

Harris has created his debut Formula40 which features in every garment, and is inspired by the 40 world class athletes with which he has worked.

With particular consideration given to construction, comfort, and elegance HPE is a line for determined champions and certainly gets a gold medal seal of approval.

This is HPE’s XT-Air Ultimate Vest which features silver static that helps maintain body temperature. An ideal garment for Yogis!

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Are you bored with plain colours, simple pastels, and unimaginative yoga wear? If so Onzie will certainly add the perfect twist to your active wear collection. This dynamic and fresh brand is ideal for those seeking a little more than comfort from their yoga clothes. Combining innovation and a youthful vitality with traditional yoga wear, Onzie has created a functional, adaptable, and flattering line of clothing.

Whether you’re heading to the gym. out for a swim, or just relaxing on an off day this wonderful brand has the perfect piece to compliment you. Not only are these garments transferable but they are also durable, breathable and fast drying, making them practical as well as stylish.

Made in Southern California Onzie garments are also ethical which is exactly why you can have a guilt free love affair with this line.

These are Onzies High waist shorts which are sure f to add a colourful pop to workouts.

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