Fitting Meditation into Your Life

Meditation takes discipline. It won’t happen without it and it will take time even with it. Once you establish the discipline, and experience the benefits of meditation, it becomes habitual, like brushing your teeth you do it without thinking about it.

Nevertheless, even the most devout meditator experiences life changes that can interrupt a pretty solid regimen. Something as joyous as the birth of a baby can put a crimp in daily routines. If you find that taking twenty minutes to meditate puts stress on your life at the moment, curtail the time you spend sitting in meditation. The twenty minutes you had to meditate before the baby was born may have disappeared. In fact, you may feel that the entire day disappears without a moment to rest. Don’t berate yourself or feel guilty because your friends with children still manage to meditate. When you are ready to put small increments of meditation back into your life, you will. It may be a walking meditation with your infant, or a reflective meditation in a garden or park. It may happen when you are breastfeeding or closing your eyes for a few minutes in a warm bathtub or doing a breathing exercise. It could take a few months or a few years before you get back to a formal sitting practice.


What Matters

That you find the best meditation style for you.

That you are consistent with your practice.

That you meditate undisturbed.

That you realize that meditation requires discipline and preseverance. What Doesn’t

Experimenting with every kind of meditation under the sun.

That you switch styles or practice a few different styles.

Explaining meditation to others.

That emotions come up during your practice.

That life changes alter your practice.

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