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Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to Anand / Yoga for women in this course I’m showing you arson specially for women into menopause State or having menstrual pain or having irregular or absent periods, if you are currently having periods menstrual periods then please don’t lose tanding asin’s or inverted positions, if you don’t suffer from any of this problem then please check out the poses from general yoga level 1 level 2 and level 3 castresana this parcel is very helpful to improve your posture and to correct it it also helps the blood supply to the lower abdominal region to improve so to go into this awesome we’ve come to the sitting position on the knees.

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And the back. And the legs in one line from your slowly start taking one one hand behind in such a way that the pants are resting on the heels or on the soles then push your abdomen forward and drop the head down close your eyes. And enjoy this position by pushing the abdomen forward it allows the energy the Piranha to reach the abdominal just enjoy this wonderful backward bend some stretch for the back stretch for the thighs allow that dormant relaxed let it move with the breath. And then to come out first take the head up slightly. And then release the hands and straight in the back Hanabi incident with Russell you.

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