Fish Yoga Pose

Yoga practice – signified as a romanticist holistic practice – has benefits, in themselves implicitly containing a critique of modernist society. So when a student buys the yoga product, she also automatically buys into a romanticist protest against the technological and stressful world. The yoga sympathiser can in other words consume the yoga product with good conscience, as she knows that this consumption in itself is a symbol of protest – ironically against consumption!

Studies of adaptogenic herbs suggest that they could play a preventive Fish Yoga Pose role by enhancing resistance to the effects of stress, improving performance during stress, and enhancing Fish Yoga Pose recovery. In a randomized placebo-controlled study of 181 healthy military cadets with routine military service tasks including night duty, those who were given a single dose of R. rosea either 370 mg or 555 mg showed significantly less fatigue p 0.001 on measures of mental performance and improvements in pulse rates, blood pressure, and overall well-being compared with cadets given either placebo or no capsule Shevtsov, Zholus, Shervarly, Vol’skij, Korovin et al., 2003. Studies have shown that R. Rosea increases the capacity of muscle and nerve cells to maintain production of the high-energy molecules, adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate, which are necessary to sustain cellular activities and repair mechanisms Kurkin & Zapesochnaya, 1986. During the Cold War, the Soviet Ministry of Defense conducted extensive tests of herbal preparations to enhance strength, endurance, and physical and mental performance in its Olympic athletes, military personnel, and cosmonauts Vastag, 2007.

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