Firefly Pose Tittibh Asana Yoga Arm Balance Challenge week-10

Sit in any easy position and watch your several breath here now place your palms on the mat and lift your hips up come into other mukha Svan Asana you take three to five breath here inhale beef right leg forward between hands and Bank knee on the floor room knee and angles would mean one line not inhale and place both hands on the front knee and lift your chest, if you feel comfort you may raise your hands and still few breath here slowly come back into atomic.

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Asanas on the ribbon eight other side this time left leg step forward and right toes pointed not tuck your right toes decide and inhale hands up chest lifted head back come back into padukas for NASA from down dog position come into kneeling position now inhale and strengthen your right leg and flex your feet while exhale fold forward into ardha hanumanasan place your palms on the floor, if they five to eight rate here come back and repeat it other side this time left leg it random while Axl bent forward keep your ankle knee and thigh aligned now again come back into Auto mukha Svan Asana.

Now step right leg forward between hands deep-fried soldier behind your right leg and a whole right calf muscle with right hand both palms on the mat shoulder width apart we stay again five to eight rate in this position slowly come back and repeat other side now come back in atomic Asanas on. And then sit in sukh Asana or EG pools now inhale lift your left leg and place inner thigh on your left shoulder now place other leg same they interlock your field and place palms on the mat inhale and lift your hip while exhale drop legs in front of you and pull forward in chrome ozma slide your arms under your knees make yourself more relaxed more calm slowly come back and sit in sukhasan and wash chevre played here make yourself more relaxed now be ready for tea give us an hour Firefly pose again hug your inner thighs around your arms to lock your ankle and place your palms deeply into the ground inhale deep your hips and legs exhale strengthen your legs and hands completely into Firefly pose titov Asana stay as comfort as possible make u2’s pointed toward sky slowly come back and relax in sukh Asana or easy post was separate breath here and be relaxed.

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