Finding a Class and Developing Your Yoga Practice

Far too common is the yoga student who attends yoga classes beyond his or her level. Some recognize this immediately, and they search for a class that is better suited for them, or they talk to their instructor. Others follow diligently along without question. They are never quite sure if the asana they are doing are correct. Yet, they decline to ask questions or seek a level of yoga that may be a better match. What you learn in yoga class sets the foundation for your home practice.

This chapter is a guide to finding a yoga class and developing a practice that suits your own personal needs.


Assess what you hope to gain from a yoga practice before beginning a class.

There are some specific sources and tips to help you find a yoga teacher and a class.

You won’t need much to begin a yoga class, but you’ll want to adhere to a few practical rules.

Before practicing yoga at home, go through a checklist of obstacles that might impede a good practice.

There are a number of yoga accoutrements to make your yoga practice easier.

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