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Who do you think has the most fun? People who control their eating and drinking for health and looks; or people who throw caution to the winds and eat and drink whatever they fancy, as much and as often as they feel like it? Reading the stories of successful slimmers, just in this magazine alone, might give you a clue. Well, we are Slimming World, so maybe there’s a definite bias in this magazine (and in our whole company). But there are really sound reasons and logic behind our bias – and the words of these real people, these real slimmers, are their words not ours.

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Now, free from those burdens of excess weight, they also allow themselves to be free to speak frankly and honestly about the hidden misery they felt before they joined Slimming World and before they lost their weight. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to feelings. Surprisingly, those of us who most want to feel in control can be the ones who, in the end, have the hardest struggle. We desperately want to lose weight and feel great, so off we go, being so angelic and feeling so good about our tremendous selfdiscipline.

The weight tumbles off and in a month or two, we’ve lost that first important stone. And then disaster! Life gets in the way – an unexpected invitation, a party, a holiday, some social event we hadn’t planned for, an upsetting row with our nearest and dearest, a bereavement – and the regular pattern of our life changes. And we fall ‘off the wagon’! Disaster! We’ve ruined everything! The cravings are returning in force! But hang on, this isn’t Alcoholics Anonymous. There isn’t a wagon to fall off when it comes to weight loss – or have we made our own wagon without even realising it? Forgiving ourselves for a bad meal, a bad day or even a bad week has to be part of our strategy.

All the successful slimmers you’ll ever meet have quickly learned to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get right back to 100 per cent Food Optimising, so that every single day they take another step closer to their dream. Bravo to all our amazing slimmers! You are our inspiration and our guiding lights. You are, indeed, the real stars of Slimming World’s universe. You, too, can discover the secret – use Food Optimising to the full, with its amazing built-in flexibility and its incredible power to satisfy hunger to an unbelievable degree. Use it 100 per cent and learn how easy it is to change the old balance and make a new balance. Enjoy as much Free Food as you like, especially Speed Free Food, and then treat yourself to between five and 15 Syns a day, seven days a week – not three or four days a week.

Pile in all the Free Food and choose your favourite Healthy Extras. Find out how very surprisingly easy it is, when you follow Food Optimising 100 per cent, to lose weight with no hunger, no deprivation and no boredom – simply by getting the balance just right. And surround yourself with the best support you can find. Thank goodness, then, for the massive support system to be found in a Slimming World group – there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Mountains of support and understanding, masses of great ideas and strategies for you to be able to protect yourself, and chances to experience real happiness and sharing – it’s all waiting there at your group. Know, please, that we love you. You are our reason for existing. We want, always, your success and happiness, because we know for sure that the people who have the most fun in their lives are those who feel, deep down, so good about themselves, who are very comfortable with the balance they are achieving. Have the most fun ever this party season! Walk into every room with your head held high and know, deep, deep down in your soul, whatever happens, that you are truly amazing and that we are here for you. Together, we really can make dreams come true.

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