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However, three of the studies involved patients with mild anxiety Extended Triangle Yoga Pose and short treatment periods. A meta-analysis of three DBRPC trials of kava for generalized Extended Triangle Yoga Pose anxiety disorder found no benefit from kava Connor, Payne, & Davidson, 2006. In the 1800s, ship records described kava intoxication in natives and seamen left behind by Captain Cook Singh & Blumenthal, 1996.

Among the Aboriginies in northern Australia, long-term daily kava users developed facial swelling, scaly rash, increased patellar reflexes, dyspnea, low levels of albumin, increased GGTPase, abnormal blood counts with decreased white cell and platelet counts, hematuria, and tall P waves on electrocardiograms consistent with pulmonary hypertension Mathews, Riley, Fejo, Munoz, Milns et al. 1988.

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A study of 62 indigenous kava users showed increased liver enzymes, which reversed after several weeks' abstinence Clough, Bailie, & Currie, 2003. Postmarketing studies of over 3,000 patients on kava revealed a 1.5% and 2.

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