Extended Side Angle Pose – Utthita Parsva Konasana

Extended Side Angle Pose – Utthita Parsva Konasana

Main Benefit – Strengthens the legs, opens the lungs and the side of the body.

1. Extend the legs wide apart and bring your right toe to face down the mat and the back toes to turn out to the side at around 45 degrees.

2. Bring your hands to your hips to start with and start to bend into the front right knee. Make sure your knee is either above your ankle or just behind it, don’t let it pass over the ankle as this puts to much stress on the knee joint.

3. Bring your arms up to shoulder height, shoulders relaxed, palms facing down.

4. Now start to reach forward with your right arm, bring your torso forward also, and then place the right elbow onto the knee. Bring the left arms past your ear palm facing down. Look out to the side or up under the arm.

5. Keep your legs strong, draw the belly in, try and relax the upper body.

6. Come out by drawing the arms and torso back to centre, and releasing the legs.

7. Repeat on other side

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