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Eco-material conditions Politico-social formation Altered State of Consciousness Critical discourse analysis Dynamic adaptive systems Oral- vs. Written memory.

This section is about methodological reflexivity. Such reflexivity is crucial to cultural studies and sociology. The reader may skip this section.

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However, if the reader then starts to think that this cultural history of yoga is a strange account, or wonder why certain things are omitted and other things are focussed on, or become upset by the attitude and criticism, or fail to understand the relevance of many issues discussed, then you might consider returning to this section. As a metaphor, if my account of yoga history is compared to a building then this section is the brief, drawings and calculations of the architect and building engineer. Here you will find why the building looks as it does.

Two months later, Linda ran out of 7-keto Extended Puppy Yoga Pose DHEA and did not take it for a week.

She plummeted into a severe, sluggish Extended Puppy Yoga Pose depression. Resumption of 7-keto DHEA rapidly lifted the depression. Two years later, she continues to function well without depression on a combination of 7-keto DHEA, gabapentin, fluoxetine, Rhodiola rosea, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, she has found significant relief from dissociative symptoms and made greater progress in psychotherapy. Although the evidence for 7-keto DHEA treatment is preliminary, considering the severity of these conditions and the low risk of side effects, it is worthwhile to obtain DHEA and DHEA-sulfate levels in patients with bipolar disorder, PTSD, or mid- to late-life depression.

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