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This complete illustrated guide to Pilates is for both beginners and more advanced practitioners. The book is designed in an easy step by step guide for anyone to follow and contains more than 100 mat and standing exercises.


Additionally there are special workouts for people suffering from injuries, the elderly and pregnant women and a comprehensive section on the principles and concepts of Pilates.

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Chaturanga Dandasana is commonly known as Chaturanga, and is usually called by its English name, the “Four-Limbed Staff Pose. The full name comes from four Sanskrit words: “Chatur (four), Anga” (limb), Danda (staff) and Asana (pose).

Chaturanga is a symmetrical exercise that is also known as a Low Plank, and to perform requires inner strength as much as muscle strength. The primary muscles used in Chaturanga involve the Pectorals, Triceps and Deltoids, but there are many more that are activated as stabilisers. These include the Rhomboids, Erector Spinae. Rotator Cuff, Serratus Anterior, Rectus and Transverse Abdominus. Gluteus Maximus, internal and external obliques, multifidus. Quadriceps and the diaphragm.

The asana resembles a rod or staff, with the spine in one straight line. Albeit simple in appearance it’s a very demanding full-body toner that requires time and discipline to learn correctly and avoid injury. You won’t be able to breathe as fully as you would in a more restful pose because the activated core muscles will slightly inhibit the diaphragm’s movement.

Do not try to use muscle strength alone to execute this pose. Yoga is a process of learning to flow like water finding its own path. When your muscles are in balance with one another, you will have amazing union of dynamic, mind and body awareness.

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