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The main focus of chapter three of HYP is Kundalini. Two of the main techniques in relation to raising Kundalini are mudras and bandhas. Bandhas and mudras are not mentioned in the older yoga discourse. They seem to be new to the yoga discourse. These two groups of techniques probably stem from the Little Tradition of India. As we saw earlier many of the aboriginals’ rites and rituals were adapted in the Tantras as for instance in the Kula cults . The bandhas and mudras could be an example of this. Thus chapter three of HYP provides us with a historical look at early techniques and thoughts of non-Aryan India.

HYP instructs 4 bandhas and 7 mudras. Each time it states that these techniques lead to freedom from diseases, immortality, divine power and fearlessness of death’. HYP presents them as very strong techniques making Kundalini rise. This wakes up Sakti and she also rises. This is the rhetoric of Gorakhnath-genre that we hear here. In fact chapter three is to a large degree a re-writing of Gorakhnath’s Gorakasa-sataka text.

Augmentation with DHEA 50 mg/day further improved erectile function English Name . The sixth layer added to the treatment was a nootropic, aniracetam. Racetams interact with English Name phospholipids to restore membrane fluidity, improve interhemispheric transmission, and preferentially activate the left hemisphere verbal processing areas see the section on racetams [p. 178] and Chapter 5 for more information. Aniracetam is generally well tolerated with no adverse effects. On aniracetam 750 mg b. Irving’s verbal expression improved to the point where he was able to write a few hours a day and to resume his participation on several community boards. Although he recovered about 80% of his cognitive ability, he could not write at the high level his former career required.

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